Little tip for Halloween costume

Some people make nice clothes at home. The costumes can be assembled from different materials can be found in novelty stores, craft shops or even at home. Make sure the costume, take the children feel comfortable and safe to use. If a child wants to wear a mask, make sure you can see and breathe properly. Sure that the length of the suit does little to help the child to stumble.

What could be easier to find great Halloween costumes from the comfort of their home. These are just a few clicks away from being at your door before giving their children to relieve the Halloween gift baskets. Whatever your little Ghouls should be fun, not every day that we want to be.

Finding a right Halloween mask

Today, masks are an important part of celebration that has come a long way, and creates the illusion of a real look. Halloween masks are much larger than we demand all over the world love to wear masks and enjoy it, someone else did, shocking and frighten your friends and family.

The search for a real Halloween mask is an important decision, some masks coverage the entire face, while others can only coverage the eyes, cover your true identity. You can choose between different types of masks in which your favorite TV show, television, film and superstar character to celebrate Halloween.

Do not forget to click funny masks, masks are very popular and animals including dogs, cats, and more, such as Superman, Spiderman, etc., can also be a fashion statement this time choosing silly, fear with different classical models as ghosts, witches, vampires, zombies, pirates and monster masks. You can use the Internet and search for the perfect mask for your personal taste, needs and lifestyle to make your dream a reality research.

Halloween is a time when all kinds of people are able to express the fun and entertaining way by dress in costume and wearing scary Halloween masks. Online shopping for these items will yield a wide variety of choices.

Give yourself a new look by putting a great mask!

This Halloween costumes !!!

Halloween costumes based on pop culture icons what the children are mostly amateurs. For example Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley eternal favorite among the young. Halloween costumes children often reflect their participation in film and television.

The girls seem something colorful and flashily, with lots of ruffles wear bright colors. It was reported that most excite the girls with the long skirt with a lot of favor with corresponding attention crown glitter. Many girls like to wear the costume as a princess, like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and Bride of darkness.

Kids want to like their superheroes like Batman, Spider-Man and Superman. Girls are choosing for super-girl and Batgirl, with the exception of fairies and princesses. Few dare the girls opt for the witches, skeletons and anxiety than others outfits.

Try something unexpected. Celebrity costumes are very popular among adults. However, recently deceased celebrities have become more important. Many men have decided this year dressed as Michael Jackson for Halloween night. If you plan to wear a mask, make sure it is properly positioned. You can breathe properly and not allergic to them.

In the past, finding the right adult Halloween costume was very difficult. But now isn’t. You can find your Halloween costume in many places such as supermarkets, Halloween costume shop. In these shops you can find the best and wide range of accessories and ideas. Another option is available for purchase online. It makes no sense to spend much time in a traditional party store where choices are to choose a different dress shop online. It is very easy to shop this way.

You can surprise everyone this year by trying out something different. Use your imagination and don't be afraid to let the inner kid come out to mask the adult and make this the best Halloween since you were a child yourself.

Vampire in Halloween night!!!

Vampires are legendary creatures said to subsist by feeding on the life essence of living creatures, generally by drinking their blood. Although typically described as undead, some minor traditions believed in vampires that were living people.

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This halloween night you will see them on the road Ha Haa Haaa !!!

The History of Halloween


On October 31, you will be greeted by witches, ghouls, demons, devils and monsters when you open the door to hand out your trick-or-treat goodies. Parties for the young and old will be popping off all over town where kids and adults bob for apples, dance to the "Monster Mash" and tell scary stories to spook each other. Jack-o-lanterns, witches, black cats and creepy cobwebs decorate the front porches of neighborhood homes. Halloween is a spooky day, indeed, but where did it all start, and how? And what’s with that "trick or treat," anyway?

Celtic legend leads us to believe that it began with their fascinating society and culture. The Celts believed that when a person died, they passed into a land of eternal happiness and youth, called Tirnan Og. This mythology predates the introduction of Christianity in their part of the world, and therefore they had no knowledge of the heaven or hell that the Christians later taught them about.

It was the mix of Christian theology and Celtic legends that led to the development of All Hallow’s Eve. On this night, the dead would return for in search of a living body to inhabit, which was said to be their only hope for the afterlife. However, modern views of the holiday differ greatly from earlier times. Today it’s more about the fun of trick-or-treating, putting on a costume, going door to door and gathering yummy sweets to fill your sack. There is simply a ton of fun, for all ages, in dressing up as your favorite fictional character, superhero or ghoulish creature. For one night you can be an entirely different person, or not a person at all!

From piety to party For many hundreds of years Halloween was just one religious observance among many. Its reputation today is built on fun and parties, but some people seem to think that it was thought of as an evil holiday for hundreds of years. This in turn has put fear into a lot of people who might not know all the facts, and think of Halloween as some sort of anti-Christian celebration. This is not the case.

Halloween began with two different developments that coexisted peacefully. On the one hand, it was a celebration of the dead where people would gather in cemeteries around their departed loved ones. They would light candles, burn incense, pray and even dance around the headstones. They believed that by doing this it would help the dead on their journey through the afterlife. Many of those practices still find expressions today in the traditions of both cultures and individual families.

On the other hand, Halloween was a time for devout believers to ridicule the devil and make fun of demons and spirits. Dressing up as a witch and carrying a broom, or putting on a sheet to play a ghost, were exercises in religious propaganda, you might say. Irish immigrants brought several strands of this tradition to America in the 1800s, while other Western nations began to recognize the day (rather, the night) in the mid-1900s.

Halloween in the third millennium Halloween was born in Europe, and it is still primarily the Western world that recognizes and, in different ways, celebrates it. October 31st is the designated day in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Ireland, New Zealand, Japan, the United Kingdom and certain areas of Australia.

For adults, Halloween resembles nothing so much as a mix of masquerade balls and parties, something like Mardi Gras. People of all ages, in every disguise imaginable, participate in parades, decorate their homes, walk their children around the neighborhood and hand out candy at their front doors. For the kids, of course, it is a day and night of myth, mystery, magic and enchantment – and candy, of course.

Halloween has often been misunderstood as an evil day, which was never the case, and there are some people who still take it all much too seriously and seem unable to separate fact from fiction. So, if you are afraid of demons, monsters and creatures from another planet, and begin to see them invading your neighborhood, don’t worry. Just check you calendar. It’s probably Halloween, and it’s all for fun!

By: Ocean Zhang

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Halloween, Gender and Sexuality


My grandparents, who now rest in peace, loved Halloween. They loved the fun. They delighted in children. They enjoyed the opportunity to play, as children do, even in their eighties and nineties. They enjoyed dressing up in costume and going trick-or-treating in their neighborhood.

My grandfather, who was only 5 foot 6 inches, would dress as an old woman. And my grandmother, who was 5 foot 11 inches, would dress as an old man. This cross-dressing couple then delighted their neighbors and friends with a friendly Halloween visit—and then shared whatever sweet “treats” they received with the children of their church and with their grandchildren.

What a delight! How refreshing to see a couple who are able to play together for almost 60 years. And how refreshing that as a thoroughly heterosexual couple, they seemed energized by the gender play at Halloween!

I learned many things from my grandparents. Those learnings included the value of play and the freedom to explore gender roles just for the fun of it. I do not know whether or not they extended that gender play into their sexual relationship. I hope they did, for it certainly seemed to energize other parts of their healthy intimate relationship.

Sometimes we identify Halloween as a time to explore the dark side of life. I rather like to think of Halloween as a time when we have permission to seek out and explore hidden treasures in relationships. Explore new forms of play, explore different roles, explore your fantasies (even if only at a verbal fantasy level). What kinds of “treats” can you offer the one you love this Halloween? (Avoid the “tricks” that may disrespect or hurt in any way; any Halloween “tricks” within your sexual relationship must be mutually agreed upon in advance.)

Just remember a few basic rules. (1) Safety first. Everyone must feel safe or the play can be neither intimate nor fun. (2) Mutual respect and communication can foster intimate encounters both fresh and fulfilling. Use that communication as a way to excite the mind of the one you love and an excited body will soon follow. (3) Have fun together. Make Halloween a special treat for your relationship!

by: Kaye Wray, Ph.D.

About The Author
Kaye Wray, Ph.D. Over 35 years of research and a passion for helping women improve their sexual experiences motivates Dr. Wray to share intimacy skills with women, men and couples. If you are not yet a subscriber to one of Intimacy Educator Kaye Wray’s free information-filled newsletters, don’t wait any longer. Women can subscribe at Men can subscribe at Copyright, 2006. Kaye Wray, Ph.D. Permission to copy if article remains in tact and includes full bio information.

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